April 19 2016

7th Grade Problem/Solution Research Unit


7th Grade ILA Research Project




The following information is to be used to complete your Problem/Solution research project.

Research Instructions:

1. Use the research organizer below to help compile your resources and make your notes on about your topic.

2. The file will force you to make a copy when you try to open it.

3. Create a copy.

4. Name the copy with the following format “Problem/Solution Research Organizer -Your Last Name”

          Example: Problem/Solution Research Organizer-Taber


Research Organizer

5. You will need to turn in your organizer chart. Use the “Turn It In” link below for your specific teacher.

6. Be sure to get the shareable link before submitting.

7. You will need to complete the organizer as instructed in class. If you need to reference the Research presentation for assistance click on the link below.


Research Presentation

Research Organizer Turn It In Links:

Ms. Hedrick’s 1st Period

Ms. Hedrick’s 4th Period

Ms. Hedrick’s 6th Period


Ms. Smith’s  1st Period


Ms. Binegar’s 1st Period

Ms. Binegar’s 3rd Period

Ms. Binegar’s 5th Period


Ms. Dunlap’s 1st Period

Ms. Dunlap’s 3rd Period

Ms. Dunlap’s 5th Period


Google Slides Presentation Link