October 22 2015

Searching the Catalog of Digital eBooks & Audiobooks

Looking through the catalog of digital books and audiobooks is a simple process.

  1. Click on  Overdrive link below to take a look. 
  2. Students use your 6 digit user ID to login.
  3. Teachers and staff use your specific ID given to you by the librarian. If you misplaced it just email me and I get get it to you.
  4. Look through the catalog, items with an open book in the corner are ebooks. audiobooks are represented by headphones.
  5. If the item is dark it is available. If it is greyed out it can be put on hold.
  6. Make sure that you only download an item on the device that you will be using to read or listen.
  7. When you are ready to download take a look at the page on “Downloading a Book or Audiobook onto My Device Using Overdrive” for assistance.

Click Here to Access the Catalog of Digital Books and Audiobooks