July 29 2015

Library Information

Opens at 7:55 am and Closes at 4:05 pm

  • Students are welcome to come in the morning to read, work quietly, print, play checkers, or to work on the puzzle.

During the Day

  • The library may be closed during the day for special programs.
  • Check the library calendar for more specifics.
  • Each student will be required to  have a signed teacher pass 
  • Visits should be limited to 10 minutes unless otherwise noted on the pass from their teacher

Cougar Den

  • The library will be open during Cougar Den Tuesday through Thursday.
  • Students will be able to come into the library to use the resources for a study hall if they are passing all of their class. 
    • This determined by the progress and report card grades.
  • Students sign-up and get a pass before 6th period on the day that they would like to attend.
  • Students bring the pass to Cougar Den and sign-in with a staff member upon entering.
  • All students will also need to complete the online Google form to verify their location for the front office.


  • Students who don’t have any over due books may checkout a maximum of five items.
  • Only one Playaway (audio device) may be checked out at any one time
  • Students who have lost a book have the option of paying for the book or working off the fine by helping in the library before or after school.
    • The district set a standard of $8.00 per hour to help students in alleviating their library fines. So if a book is $16.oo, a student would need to work for 2 hours in the library to erase the fine. This can be done in 30 minute increments before or after school.
    • Students will need to schedule with Mrs. Taber to make sure the dates work with the library calendar.
    • Alleviating the fine can be done with one book per student per year.